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✤ Welcome to Nursymes ✤

Hello, I am Nursymes and I do things. Namely, conlangs and worldbuilding. This is the collection of whatever I've managed to think up so far. Keep in mind that this site is a big work in progress and there is a lot to be added to it. I hope you enjoy your stay.

✤ About ✤

Nursymes, he/him, age 19. Studying linguistics and struggling to keep my sanity in an increasingly authoritarian country. I've made this personal little website for fun and to serve as a source of inspiration for strangers that might share my niche interests.

I have worked on a variety of worldbuilding projects – from earth-like to low fantasy – but I am most excited to work on the Talasiverse – a blend of different influences and fever-induced ideas that I would like to describe in the "worldbuilding" section of this site. I may post personal things from time to time as well, like diary entries, updates and random ideas.

✤ Influences ✤